Adaptable Avionics Applications

Adaptable Avionics in Action


Rethink about Avionics with Adaptable Avionics

What are Adaptable Avionics?

Adaptable Avionics are Avionics that can perform hundreds of functions with only configuration changes not impacting the hardware or software. Does it sound impossible? Well, it is here today.

Below is list of a few of the functions our Adaptable Avionics are already performing with only Configuration Changes:

  • Inertial Guidance System (INS) Filtering
  • ADS-B Monitoring and Annunciation
  • GPS Switching Maintaining the GPS Burst Data
  • GPS Nav Block Burst Data, label sequencing, and packing within DO-260B Latency requirements
  • Autopilot Interface for FMS, GPS, Display Systems
  • Data Concentration and interface compatibility changes for Cockpit Display Systems
  • FMS Interface to other Aircraft systems such as TAWS, Transponders, Autopilots, Flight Data Acquisition / Flight Data Recorder, and Display Systems
  • Fuel Monitoring and Management
  • Weight and Balance Calculations
  • True North Calculations for Antenna Beam Steering and LPV Approach
  • Pseudo ILS Interface to Displays and Autopilot
  • Navigation, ILS, and Distance Interface to Primus Avionics Systems
  • Collins Standard Data Bus Interface for FMS
  • Over Speed and Mach Warning Systems
  • TAWS Mode 5 Alerting on a LPV or RNP Approach
  • Enhanced Radio Altimeter Display for helicopter hover operations
  • Integration of Autopilot and Doppler Radar Hover Systems
  • Integration of FMS, Autopilot, and Sonar Buoy Locator
  • TCAS Traffic and Resolution Advisory detection and Annunciations
  • FMS data interface to VIP Inflight Entertainment Systems (IFE)
  • ARINC 429 Bus Switching
  • ARINC 429 Bus Combining
  • Data Concentration for Flight Data Acquisition Systems (FDAU)/ Flight Data Recorder (FDR)
  • ARINC 429 Label Filtering with all else Passing
  • ARINC 429 Label Passing with specified filtered data
  • ARINC 429 Label Changes
  • ARINC 429 SSM Corrections
  • ARINC 429 SDI Corrections
  • ARINC 429 Bus Speed changes
  • ARINC 429 Bit Remapping
  • Discrete to ARINC 429 Bit Mapping and conditional calculations
  • Data Management Comparisons and Calculations
  • Configurable Trend Monitoring
  • Active Scale Changes and Corrections
  • ARINC 575 to ARINC 429 Conversion
  • ARINC 702 Dynamic Data Concentration
  • Flight Guidance Computer Interface
  • EFIS and Standby Instruments Display Interface
  • TACAN Interface to displays
  • ILS and Pseudo ILS Offset Training systems
  • ARINC 429 Data Conversions from BNR to BCD or DISC, or BCD to BNR or DISC, or DISC to BNR or BCD, Discrete inputs to BNR or BCD or DISC
  • Data Calculations and Comparisons to form resultant outputs in ARINC 429 and/or Discrete
  • Super High Speed through-put of 10ms for most interfaces


BA-440 Router/Filter Configuration:

The BA-440 Router/Filter provides complete system monitoring for ADS-B Out compliance to meet the mandated DO-260B compliance in accordance with AC 20-165B. Our solution includes complete ADS-B System monitoring and provides a simple GO / NO GO Annunciation. If the ADS-B or XPDR light is OFF, the system is compliant, if it is ON, Switch to the opposite side. Our System also provides continuous BITE Testing monitoring of the BA-440 to provide a Failure indication of monitor system if it is failed and performs end to end test during pilot initiated test of the transponder system. Many other systems on the market do not provide this level of integrity.  Our System also inhibits nuisance annunciations such as when the system is in Standby.

Certified ADS-B Out Aircraft and GPS/Transponder Pairings:

Blue Avionics INC

TAWS Mode 5 Alerting

The BA-440 Router/Filter and BA-540 AAU provide psudo ILS data and switching for the existing EGPWS systems from the GPS/FMS system to provide TAWS Mode 5 Alerting during an LPV Approach. Currently certified on the Bombardier Q400, this system allows the existing EGPWS system to provide Glideslope alerting during a GPS guided LPV approach saving the customer a great expense in upgrading the EGWPS system.

Blue Avionics INC
Blue Avionics INC

IAS & Mach Speed Warning

The BA-540 AAU with it’s increased calculation capabilities is best choice for complex configurable calculations. The BA-540 AAU is configurable to accommodate multiple IAS and Mach overspeed curves verses altitude / altitude density. Digital outputs include Vmo, Mmo for EFIS and FMS. Output Discrete triggers for overspeed horn, stick puller, and other configurable outputs.

Blue Avionics INC

True North Calculations

The BA-440 Router/Filter and BA-540 AAU calculate True North using the Magnetic Variation and Heading outputs from the FMS and INS / AHRS systems. This output is used for LPV approach, electronic beam steering for antenna systems, and display information. This function is especially needed in high magnetic variation locations such as Canada, South America, and the polar regions.

ARINC 575 to ARINC 429 Conversion

The BA-540 (Dash 002) unit is designed to interface with ARINC 575 Digital Air Data Systems and convert the ARINC 575 Data to ARINC 429 for use by other Avionics systems in the aircraft.

Systems Integration

Most first time users of the BA-440 Router/Filter, BA-540 AAU, BA-110 ACU use the units to correct incompatibilities between new avionics upgrades and existing legacy Avionics. These functions include INS filtering, interface to EFIS systems, Interface to Autopilots, Interface to new FMS / Navigation systems, Integrating new displays systems with existing systems, pseudo ILS for LPV and RNP approaches. Let us know your integration issues and we will look to provide you the best solution.

Data Concentration

The BA-440 Router/Filter and BA-540 AAU systems are designed to be highly configurable data concentrators. Data can be combined on busses to utilize the maximum ARINC 429 through-put or to match the requirements of receiving equipment. The data can be switched, filtered, and passed through based on conditions or calculations performed by the units to provide the data needed when it is needed without bogging down the busses with useless data. These capabilities allow the busses to be utilized to the maximum performance and usefulness.

Blue Avionics INC

Systems Monitoring

All of the units can be used to monitor systems and functions on the aircraft and provide results to drive digital data for annucation, display systems, FMS systems, health monitoring systems, and flight data recording systems. Because of the highly configurable nature of the units, they provide a quick and accurate way of monitoring functions and systems on the aircraft. Examples include Airspeed Warning, GPS Integrity, ADS-B Integrity and functionality, fuel systems, deviations and exceedances, and much more.

Data and Bus Management

Specific data can be routed, combined, filtered, passed, and switched actively based on ARINC 429 data conditions, calculations, or Discrete inputs and outputs. SDI and SSM bits can be effectively managed on busses to allow for cross-side reversion and switching or incompatibilities. Redundancies can be added to federated systems to allow them to be more integrated and fail safe.

Discrete to ARINC 429 to Discrete Conversion

The BA-540 AAU and BA-440 Router/Filter have the capability to convert discrete data into ARINC 429 data. This can be simple as setting bits in the data stream or as complex as performing computations based on both data values and discrete inputs. The units also have the capability to drive output discretes based on ARINC data, computations, and combinations of all the above giving the Adaptable Avionics many functional capabilities.

Real-time Computations and Analysis

The BA-440 Router/Filter has the capabilities to perform configurable comparisons, conditions, and Boolean math.


ARINC 429 Label 022 is greater than 30

The BA-540 AAU has the capabilities to perform configurable higher order math functions along with Boolean operations:



x^3-bx^5+y^A (x^2-3y^6 )^4∕3m^2

The BA-110 ACU has the capabilities to perform configurable math functions to determine bit values and output values.

Special Operations

The BA-440 Router/Filter and BA-540 AAU have the capabilities to perform many special operations.

Such as Augmenting Antenna Beam Steering to find true north, delay timers and triggers for trending monitoring and exceedance calculations, ILS offsets for pilot training, and much more. Just let us know what functions you would like to have performed and we will work to find the best configuration to meet you needs.

Fuel Management

The BA-440 Router/Filter and BA-540 AAU can be used for fuel management. Weight and Balance curves and controls to monitor, transfer, and annunciate can be loaded in the configuration to allow for the best CG management and fuel calculations. Economy, distance, winds, and fuel rates can be loaded to calculate time to empty and range. These customized curves and calculations can be performed on as low as a single aircraft and still make economic sense.

Blue Avionics INC

Bit Remapping

All Blue Avionics units have extensive bit mapping capabilities. Hundreds of bit remapping and data conversions can be accomplished using the BA-110 ACU, BA-440 Router/Filter, and BA-540 AAU. Data can be converted from BCD (Binary Coded Decimal) to BNR (Binary 2s compliment) data and vice versa.