ILS OFFSET Training System Certified for Textron Citation 560XL using Blue Avionics BA-540 AAU.

The Blue Avionics BA-540 Adaptable Avionics Unit (AAU) is FAA certified to provide ILS Offset Training in a Textron Aviation Citation 560XL. The BA-540 AAU is configured to allow an instructor to induce one dot of deviation in either Localizer or Glide Slope from the current ILS output for approach training. The Instructor uses a UP, DN, RT, LT momentary annunciation switch to select the offset. Subsequently the BA-540 AAU confirms the selection by illuminating the selected switch and induces the one dot of deviation from the current ILS input to the BA-540 AAU. The system reverts to normal ILS mode if GO Around or another selection is made.

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